Inquiry Blog 4

For my inquiry on the Quidditch Community’s Community of Practice, I have elected to write about the debate regarding the usage and legality of capes in the International Quidditch Association’s official handbook and utilization in gameplay for the entire world of quidditch. When I read through the handbook for the first time at the very beginning of my experiences with quidditch, I thought it was really cool that you could wear capes, but once I actually found myself becoming more familiar with the game and the community, I found that there is much of a heated debate regarding their practicality and safety, and I found myself on the anti-cape side of the argument. I know that usage of capes was much more widespread back in the earlier days of quidditch. (2005-2009ish) Since some of the oldest teams originated in the northeastern united states, I feel that there may be some correlation with this debate and the different IQA regions. I’m not sure about it, but it’s something that I would like to find out. I intend to focus mainly on how the cape argument has varied over time and how it varies by region. So far, I have acquainted myself mostly with the mid atlantic region (obviously because the mid atlantic region is the region that I play in) but I do have contacts in the midwest region, northeast region, european region, and south american region. I’d like to study what the players think and what the IQA officials think. Are they similar? Are they different? Does the IQA staff argue amongst themseles regarding capes, or are they at a general consensus? What is that consensus? I feel that this issue is very important because the utilization and legality of capes affects both the safety of our players as well as the image of ourselves that we promote as a community to the outside world. Is it a good idea to tie a cape around your neck in a sport that is heavy on physical agression and tackling? Can people really take us seriously if we dress like wizards? What does it mean to be “taken seriously”? How much does being “taken seriously” matter? I feel that there’s a lot to be explored on this front and I really look forward do doing some exploring.