Free Write #?

I think the first thing that I need to do as a writer is to try to shake off some of the writing styles that I have taken on by being so active in the blogging community for so long


I find myself writing this a lott???

I find that my most natural state as a writer involves a lot of short bursts

My usage of punctiation is very distinctiveto thekinds of people that I write with and for

Involves a lot of sentence fragments

Question marks where  they aren’t needed???



To someon who’s accustomed to such a method of writing, it’s easy to understand and very natural to read-but to anyone from outside some of the discourse communities I’m a part of, it’s kind of a mess.

I’d like to start being more descriptive and writing like a normal person


Inquiry Blog 2

I have decided to immerse myself in and learn about the quidditch community. While I feel that I got a taste of the quid atlantic through the tournaments I experienced last year, but I think the connections that I have made and the much larger amount of tournaments that I will be attending this upcoming semester have given me a great opportunity to explore the community through a very diverse array of experiences.

QCC vs VCU vs VT @ VT 2/09/13 – I recently competed with my IQA (International Quidditch Association) official community team (QC Carolinas) in a mini tournament against 2 other IQA Teams

Rocky Top Rumble 2/16/13- I will (tentatively-plans may change) be competing with QC Carolinas at a Tournament in Cookeville, TN

A Cup Worth Fighting For 2/23/13- I will be competing with QC Carolinas as well as playing as a Snitch runner for several games. The Snitch runner is a very unique player who represents neither team. The game ends when the snitch is caught, so the snitch plays a very important but separate role in the game.

Shell Shocking Spectacular 3/3/13- I will be competing with a mercenary team (an unofficial, usually temporary team composed of players who either have no teams or whose teams are not represented at a tournament. This experience is very different from that of competing with one’s own team because it’s more fun centered as there is no pressure to qualify for a bid or affect rankings

Carolina Quidditch Conference Championships 3/23/13- I will be competing with UNCC’s Charlotte Quidditch for a shot at the conference championship. This will be Charlotte Quidditch’s first big tournament, for which I am very anxious and excited for. I will also be playing as a snitch and playing an all star game with QC Carolinas.

Mid Atlantic Snitch Academy 3/24/13- I will be attending a snitch academy to bolster my snitch skills and try to earn official snitch certification

World Cup VI 4/13-14/13- I will be competing with QC Carolinas at the IQA’s world championship tournament against teams from over 5 countries.

I feel that these experiences will immerse me in the sport in a very wide array of ways. I’m very very excited for them.

Some quidditch writing sources:

The IQA main website (full of IQA official news and rankings)

The IQA handbook (the detailed rules and regulations of the sport)

The Official World Cup Website (filled with information and news regarding the IQA world cup)

Quidditch Quarterly (The IQA’s official magazine)

The Eighth Man (quidditch’s most predominant unofficial news source)

From The Keeper Zone and The Dashing Seeker (2 of my favorite independent quidditch bloggers whose posts center around a player’s view of the game) I’ve considered starting one up myself. I might do that as part of this project. I’m not sure.

I think my own entrance into the quidditch community is an insurrection in and of itself. Most people, when they enter the world of quidditch, they do so by joining a team in their own schools or communities and become a part of quidditch through that team. While I have been aware of and intrigued by the existence of quidditch since late 2009, I did not have the opportunity to join a team or play the game in any way until Meg Stevens and I found eachother online and she informed me that she was starting up a quidditch team at UNCC and that I was welcome to join.

Charlotte Quidditch started with very humble beginnings.. Back in September in our very, very early days, our captain, Meg encouraged a few of our team’s players to join a mercenary team organized by a former ASU player named Nathan Love for Virginia Tech’s Sirius Blacksburg Brawl as a means of better acquainting ourselves to the game that we had only been playing for a few weeks. While the other Charlotte players marked the SBB down as a positive one time experience, I found myself completely enthralled by the world of quidditch, and I wanted more. Charlotte Quidditch was still young, and still growing. We practiced once a week and weren’t ready to join the Carolina Quidditch Conference or the IQA, which meant no tournaments or competitions.

Being the rapidly obsessive person that I always have been, I asked Nathan about other tournaments in the region-how I could play more quidditch, see more quidditch, anything. He informed me that he was bringing a mercenary team to University of Maryland for their tournament the next month but that the roster was full but I was welcome to come anyway. I was probably crazy to accept, but I did. I took an 8 hour bus ride to go watch quidditch. (my best friend from high school, Indigo also attended umd, so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone by visiting that weekend).

I’d intended to watch the tournament and root for UMD with Indigo (I’d met many of their players at the SBB and had developed quite the fondness for their team) but plans changed and Indigo informed me she had too much homework to join me. I arrived at the tournament, alone, an hour late and in skinny jeans, and went to go say hi to Nathan’s mercenary team.

“Can you play?” they asked me before even bothering with a greeting

Befuddled, I informed them that I did play.

“We’re short and we need beaters.”

I’m a beater.

Before I even knew what was going on, I was playing on the Bad Wolf mercenary team at the turtle cup. I had a purpose to be there. I threw some bludgers. I took a few tackles. I met some of the most amazing people. I got a closer look at snitching and realized I wanted to be one. I think the turtle cup marks the day I officially fell in love with quidditch. Nathan and I got back on that bus to North Carolina, tired and sore-having played a great game. Nathan mentioned that he was putting together a team for Mid Atlantic regionals for a chance at the World Cup. I told him I wanted in. I told him I’d do whatever it took. If there was quidditch to be played, I wanted to play it.

QC Carolinas was the little team that was never supposed to be. We were a thrown together rag tag group composed of quidditch alumni and players from small, non IQA official teams. We had our jerseys screen printed the week of. Most of us met for the first time the night before day one of the tournament. As far as everyone else was concerned, we weren’t even supposed to win a game. Yet somehow, despite having no plays, despite being completely unfamiliar with eachother’s playing styles, and despite our lack of communication, we pulled through. Not only did we win games, we placed 8th in the tournament and won ourselves a World Cup bid.

QCC and I currently play together on a regular basis in preparation for the world cup. I’ve continued merc-ing, (my team from the turtle cup is reuniting for the shell shocking spectacular in spring) continued playing with Charlotte Quidditch throughout it’s growth these past few months, and started seeking out opportunities to snitch tournaments. Nathan, my gateway to quidditch, is now my beloved captain almost everywhere I go and an extremely close friend of mine. I’ve gained friends through Quidditch from as far north as Ottowa and as far south as Argentina. While I’ve only been playing quidditch for just over half a year, I play for two separate teams (one could argue that I even play for four-Charlotte Quidditch, QC Carolinas, Bad Wolf, and Team Snitch) As a freshman, I’m competing in division I of the highest level competition in quidditch at the World Cup this year. It’s been an incredible adventure that I never would have started had I stuck only with Charlotte Quidditch. My debut into quidditch has very much been one of trailblazing and rulebreaking-and now that I’ve got momentum, I’m not about to slow down or stop.

Free Write: Academic Writing

In the past, I’ve been told that academic writing is extremely formal. I’ve been told that all sentences must be completely grammatically correct, factual, and politically correct. I have been told to cite sources and credit the work of others. I’ve been told that academic writing needs to be told completely in the third person and to avoid using my own thoughts and opinions and feelings in it. I have been told that academic writing must conform to the same writing style as other academic writing and any writing that strays from that status quo is wrong. I think a lot of this is true in terms of grammar and style, but I also think that there can and is some level of freedom in academic writing. I think that academic writing should be about learning from others and showing others what you can discover and what you are capable of. I think I have a lot to learn about academic writing.

A lot of the apprehension around writing for social media stems from concerns about reputation, and ultimately, promotion. @RoystonPalmy, commenting on Denise Horn’s blog about the challenges she faces completing both a book and a dissertation simultaneously, explains: “When writing in my own voice, rather than my academic voice (especially in online fora), I usually do so under a pseudonym (as I am doing now) due to an anxiety that I am being watched and judged by my academic colleagues and peers, who I am convinced will frown upon informality, irreverence and humour”.

So is it possible for academic writing to be both informative and irreverent? And as blogs and other social media grow in popularity, what are the skills academics need to write well for their diverse audiences?”

I think this excerpt makes a lot of sense. It really calls to mind that personality is an important aspect of your writing because who you are does impact what you know. I think we should all leave more pieces of ourselves in our writing. We should be writers with work, not work with writers.

Street Art Documentary Notes Part 2

I genuinely cannot tell how banksy feels about Theirry s success cause like

they’re friends right???

and banksy told the dude to go make art

so he made art

and now he’s like

well damn I don’t tell people to make art anymore

so I think I missed something cause suddenly nobody likes Theirry what the frick


Inquiry Blog 1

#1 The Quidditch Community

I’m interested in learning more about the intercollegiate and international quidditch community because despite the fact that I’ve dove in headfirst these past few months, I am still very new to the community. It’s all very new and exciting to me. I’m not really sure what the ideal quidditch player looks like. I think I’d look to team USA and the IQA staff to find that out. I already know a little bit about the social aspect of the community but the logistics side is very new to me. There’s a lot I don’t know

#2. The Cosplay Community

I’ve been a cosplayer for a long time, but the cosplay community is always changing. There are lots of nooks and crannies I haven’t explored yet. I’ve spent a lot of time climbing that social ladder. I think the ideal cosplayer is someone talented, powerful, and influential with a following both online and at cons. Someone who can hold attention in multiple fandoms. Someone with a long list of cosplays under their belt. Good lord it’s so much work to be popular in this community trust me I know.

also the handout link is broken so I’m confused about that?????


Street Art Documentary Notes

What COPs is Theirry a part of?

  • art
  • film
  • street art
  • how is street art different from regular art?

How does one gain membership?

  • observing the art being mate (theirry)
  • making the art
  • illegal

How does primary discourse influence secondary discourses

  • it affects the secondary discourses that you will choose
  • secondary discourses can’t change your primary

How do discourses conflict with one another

  • different discourses have different goals
  • sometimes progress involves stopping someone else
  • what if that someone else is you
  • oh my god
  • that sounds like a superhero comic wow