Street Art Documentary Notes Part 2

I genuinely cannot tell how banksy feels about Theirry s success cause like

they’re friends right???

and banksy told the dude to go make art

so he made art

and now he’s like

well damn I don’t tell people to make art anymore

so I think I missed something cause suddenly nobody likes Theirry what the frick



Street Art Documentary Notes

What COPs is Theirry a part of?

  • art
  • film
  • street art
  • how is street art different from regular art?

How does one gain membership?

  • observing the art┬ábeing mate (theirry)
  • making the art
  • illegal

How does primary discourse influence secondary discourses

  • it affects the secondary discourses that you will choose
  • secondary discourses can’t change your primary

How do discourses conflict with one another

  • different discourses have different goals
  • sometimes progress involves stopping someone else
  • what if that someone else is you
  • oh my god
  • that sounds like a superhero comic wow