Reading Response Four and Rhetorical Situation Notes

How does the definition provided for the word “rhetorical” contrast with like, a rhetorical question? Is it the same, or different?

What was the purpose of that I want a wife reading other than being really patriarchal and offensive and just downright annoying?

Rhetorical Situation Notes


5 responses

  1. I am probably wrong, but I think that rhetorical and a rhetorical question are different. A rhetorical question is a question with no need of an answer because the answer is already known or not important. Rhetorical is, as defined by the article, a purposeful use of images and language. A rhetorical question doesn’t purposely use images or language, at least that’s what I think. I think the purpose of the I want a wife article was to show how ridiculous it was for men back then to picture wives to be that way; also, how it would be to have someone who did all those things for you without question.

  2. A rhetorical question is a question that is asked in a way that it delivers information and is meant to be persuasive not answered. When you think of it that way its easier to see how it relates to its route word rhetoric. I’m surprised you took the wives easy as offensive I see it as progressive thinking for her time. She was trying to point out the unbalances that existed in many American homes where the husband was responsible for putting food on the table and the wife had to handle everything else, and she sounded pretty fed up to me.

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