Reading Response 3

I think my writing style is very hit or miss. In some ways, I identify similarly with the author of the shitty rough drafts reading because I find myself stuck at a loss for words when I have to just start writing without a clear goal. It’s like getting in a car without a map or a destination. You just start driving, and you keep driving until either someone tells you to stop or you run yourself off a cliff. But on occasion I find that I am able to come up with a good thesis on the spot, and that’s when my writing is usually at it’s best. I think I’m pretty good at writing a solid thesis. Sometimes it just comes to me. Sometimes I have to think really long and hard about it and it’s super frustrating. But as soon as I know where I’m going, I find that I can get there rather quickly and rather naturally. It’s like one of my favorite feelings in the world when I’ve been stressing over a thesis forever and haven’t been able to come up with one that satisfies me or my goals and all of a sudden I finally have one. I write and speak in pretty much the same way. Sometimes I’m super articulate and passionate and sometimes I just babble on for stretches of time without any sign of purpose, slowing down, or stopping. But I think the babbling can be a really productive, creative process when I allow it to be.

Reading notes


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