Inquiry Blog 1

#1 The Quidditch Community

I’m interested in learning more about the intercollegiate and international quidditch community because despite the fact that I’ve dove in headfirst these past few months, I am still very new to the community. It’s all very new and exciting to me. I’m not really sure what the ideal quidditch player looks like. I think I’d look to team USA and the IQA staff to find that out. I already know a little bit about the social aspect of the community but the logistics side is very new to me. There’s a lot I don’t know

#2. The Cosplay Community

I’ve been a cosplayer for a long time, but the cosplay community is always changing. There are lots of nooks and crannies I haven’t explored yet. I’ve spent a lot of time climbing that social ladder. I think the ideal cosplayer is someone talented, powerful, and influential with a following both online and at cons. Someone who can hold attention in multiple fandoms. Someone with a long list of cosplays under their belt. Good lord it’s so much work to be popular in this community trust me I know.

also the handout link is broken so I’m confused about that?????



7 responses

  1. When I read your post and you said it is hard being popular in the cosplay community, it got me thinking that I do not want to be popular in my community as a math major. I just want to be successful by getting A’s in the classes and understanding all the theorems and formulas.

  2. I really think both your COPs are very interesting. I think you should focus on the quiddich COP because its the most interesting COP I’ve read about yet. I don’t know much about this topic so i look forward to seeing what you learn about it.

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