Free Write: Academic Writing

In the past, I’ve been told that academic writing is extremely formal. I’ve been told that all sentences must be completely grammatically correct, factual, and politically correct. I have been told to cite sources and credit the work of others. I’ve been told that academic writing needs to be told completely in the third person and to avoid using my own thoughts and opinions and feelings in it. I have been told that academic writing must conform to the same writing style as other academic writing and any writing that strays from that status quo is wrong. I think a lot of this is true in terms of grammar and style, but I also think that there can and is some level of freedom in academic writing. I think that academic writing should be about learning from others and showing others what you can discover and what you are capable of. I think I have a lot to learn about academic writing.

A lot of the apprehension around writing for social media stems from concerns about reputation, and ultimately, promotion. @RoystonPalmy, commenting on Denise Horn’s blog about the challenges she faces completing both a book and a dissertation simultaneously, explains: “When writing in my own voice, rather than my academic voice (especially in online fora), I usually do so under a pseudonym (as I am doing now) due to an anxiety that I am being watched and judged by my academic colleagues and peers, who I am convinced will frown upon informality, irreverence and humour”.

So is it possible for academic writing to be both informative and irreverent? And as blogs and other social media grow in popularity, what are the skills academics need to write well for their diverse audiences?”

I think this excerpt makes a lot of sense. It really calls to mind that personality is an important aspect of your writing because who you are does impact what you know. I think we should all leave more pieces of ourselves in our writing. We should be writers with work, not work with writers.


Street Art Documentary Notes Part 2

I genuinely cannot tell how banksy feels about Theirry s success cause like

they’re friends right???

and banksy told the dude to go make art

so he made art

and now he’s like

well damn I don’t tell people to make art anymore

so I think I missed something cause suddenly nobody likes Theirry what the frick


Inquiry Blog 1

#1 The Quidditch Community

I’m interested in learning more about the intercollegiate and international quidditch community because despite the fact that I’ve dove in headfirst these past few months, I am still very new to the community. It’s all very new and exciting to me. I’m not really sure what the ideal quidditch player looks like. I think I’d look to team USA and the IQA staff to find that out. I already know a little bit about the social aspect of the community but the logistics side is very new to me. There’s a lot I don’t know

#2. The Cosplay Community

I’ve been a cosplayer for a long time, but the cosplay community is always changing. There are lots of nooks and crannies I haven’t explored yet. I’ve spent a lot of time climbing that social ladder. I think the ideal cosplayer is someone talented, powerful, and influential with a following both online and at cons. Someone who can hold attention in multiple fandoms. Someone with a long list of cosplays under their belt. Good lord it’s so much work to be popular in this community trust me I know.

also the handout link is broken so I’m confused about that?????


Street Art Documentary Notes

What COPs is Theirry a part of?

  • art
  • film
  • street art
  • how is street art different from regular art?

How does one gain membership?

  • observing the art┬ábeing mate (theirry)
  • making the art
  • illegal

How does primary discourse influence secondary discourses

  • it affects the secondary discourses that you will choose
  • secondary discourses can’t change your primary

How do discourses conflict with one another

  • different discourses have different goals
  • sometimes progress involves stopping someone else
  • what if that someone else is you
  • oh my god
  • that sounds like a superhero comic wow